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RouteHero is a mobile platform and app that provides smart, personalized traffic and transit alerts for commuters in metropolitan areas (starting with Washington DC).

Users can enter in their normal routes via driving, metro, or bus, and what time they are travelling. RouteHero will then send alerts via text or email to the user before they get out the door, warning them of any delays or congestion.

RouteHero currently has an Android mobile app, and will soon be coming to iOS. Users are able to get public transit alerts for free by email, and can upgrade to recieve traffic alerts, as well as alerts via text.


  • Currently available for Android, iOS app (coming soon)
  • Play Store link:
  • Free download, public transit alerts will always be free, traffic alerts will be pay after beta period
  • Encourages use of public transit (metro/bus) by making the experience more reliable (commuter does not get to the metro station to find the station is single tracking)
  • Starting with Washington DC, hoping to expand to other cities
  • Bootstrapped company, started by Thomas Woo, left full time job in 2014 to pursue
  • RouteHero is a member of the startup incubator 1776 in Washington DC
  • Android app launch date: July 29th, 2015

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